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  • Why Blogging is Best

    The CESI conference is one of my favourite events of my school calendar year.  It’s one of the only events where I leave feeling absolutely invigorated, full of new ideas and motivated by the power of ICT in education.  Every year there are excellent talks, workshops and speakers.  For the last couple of years, I […]

  • Getting into Gadgets – Convergence Addiction

    Years ago, more than I care to remember, someone gave me a present of an electronic organiser, a Casio I think and being young and foolish I thought it might be useful. This was back before mobile phones were the norm. So I spent some time entering in phone numbers, addresses, birthdays and the like. […]

  • RSS – A Revolutionary and Superb Service

    Many of us are by now familiar with the term ‘Web 2.0’ technologies, which is essentially a collective term that refers to a myriad of on-line applications, facilities, sites and services which offer a high degree of interactivity, creative capacity and collaboration. While there are many facets and technologies in place to make Web 2.0 […]

  • An Interactive Whiteboard and an Experiment with CPD

    Although it was not planned as such, this article continues with the theme of interactive whiteboards, albeit from a different perspective.  An interactive whiteboard arrived in our school nearly three years ago as part of the CBI project ( The main users of the board were the two teachers involved in the project.  The finishing […]

  • Interactive Whiteboards Survey

    Last summer in the Kilkenny Education Centre, a course about using Interactive Whiteboards was held. It quickly filled up with a total of 24 participants. As part of this course, teachers were encouraged to try out 5 types of Interactive Whiteboards without the disturbance of salespeople bamboozling them. The idea was that teachers themselves would […]

  • Bloom-in’ Pixels

    One of the challenges we are constantly given as educators is to remember Bloom when planning learning activities. Bloom’s (revised) taxonomy calls inclusion of tasks that promote Remembering, Understanding, Applying, Analysing, Evaluating and Creating. The use of Digital Images can support teachers taking on the challenge.  Most of what is necessary to incorporate this into […]

  • I like free

    I like that I can install free* software on as many computers as I like without the need for serial numbers and online verifications. I like that I can install free software on my students laptops. I like that I can give copies of free software to students & teachers so they can install the […]