Conference 2006: Presentations and Workshops

Audio CD and MP3 Creation Using Audacity
Fergal Murphy

Cláir Bhána Idirghníomhacha
David Kearney

Creative Mis-use in the Classroom: an artistic approach to using ICT in the classroom
Orla Kilkenny

Clifford Brown

Educational Influences in Learning Using e-Media
Margaret Farran

Colm McDonagh

Green Screen Technology and Digital Media – it’s use in a school setting
John Rust

Mike Norris

Help Me to Think (But Don’t Make Me) Educational Websites Towards a better user experience
John Threadgold

ICT and Music in the Classroom
John Crowe

Implementing a server network with Windows Server 2003 and Active directory
Peter Meade

Internet Safety
Simon Grehan

Keynote Address 2006: The why & what of imaginaries
Conor Galvin

Localisation of Windows XP and Office 2003 to Irish
Tracey Ní Mhaonaigh

Managing Change: a case study of a 1-1 learning initiative
Yvonne Canavan

Microsoft Ireland’s “Innovative Teacher Program”
John Rust

Modelling Target Language Teaching
Réaltín Ní Leannan

Conor MacLiam

New Approaches to Science Education in Europe
Laura Massoli & Karl Sarnow

Scoil project
Seaghan Moriarty

TEGIS – Technology Education with GIS
M. O’Brien & S. Tschirner

The Broadband Initiative: Your questions answered
Tom Lonergan

The Infinity Project: encouraging students to be curious about mathematics and science through their everyday technologies
Michael Tully

The NCTE Digital School Awards
Robbie O’Leary

Using a Networked Computer in the Classroom
Willie McTiernan

Using Broadband in the Classroom
Paul Munroe

Wiki’s, Widgets and Wot Nots! Primary and Post Primary
Nigel Quirke-Bolt