Teacher Professional Networks

The Teacher Professional Network Scheme

CESI is generously supported by Teacher Professional Networks (TPN)

This is a supplementary funding scheme, established by the Teacher Education Section (TES) of the Department of Education.  The purpose of this funding is to support the work of Teachers’ Groups and Associations (TGAs) which afford Continuing Professional Development (CPD) and professional peer support to all Post Primary teachers.

The network is administered by a steering committee with representatives from TES management and inspectorate, Blackrock Education Centre, Education Support Centres Ireland, PDST, Junior Cycle for Teachers (JCT), and TGAs

The principal objective of the TPN is to advance the teaching, learning and/or classroom management skills of post primary teachers in order to bring about improved learning outcomes for students. Events organised by TGAs should include suitable strategies to support teachers and have meaningful links with the national priorities being implemented by the DES.