Make Meet at ICT in Education, Tipperary

(A cross-post from @magsamond, looking forward to the Make Meet on the eve of the ICT in Edu Conference in April)

The annual ICT in Education Conference conference in Tipperary on Saturday April 25th will, as usual, be preceded by a TeachMeet on the Friday night – but in line with the Conference theme of “Make, Bake, Take”, the TM this year has morphed into a Make Meet.


Those of you who saw the students who’d worked with Bianca Ní Ghrógáin on “The Walk” last year will know what type of thing we’ll be up to. Emphasis on the we – high time for us teachers to have a go! We are planning a good mix of digital and analogue, a huge variety of ‘stuff’, mashed up with a little bit of challenge and competition, teaching and learning. The take away ideas should be worthwhile. And, as ever, if Steve Bunce is in the house, there may well be some yarn involved…as in, “It’s knitting Jim, but not as we know it”.

See you there?

If some of you are wondering what goes on in a Maker Ed session, have a read of this – 8 Elements of a Good Maker Project by Sylvia Libow Martinez & Gary Stager, who list Purpose/Relevance, Time, Complexity, Intensity, Connection, Access, Shareability, and Novelty as the elements. We hope to include some of those in the activities at Make Meet. In case you were getting worried it would be just cut & paste 🙂

Meantime, have a peek at the sites of three members of the Irish education tribe, who each espouse the Maker Ed ideas…

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