A chat with Adrienne Webb

Adrienne Webb taught Mathematics, Geography and ICT at St. Michael’s Holy Faith Secondary School, Finglas for more than 30 years. Recently she stepped down from her role as Chair of CESI, which she held for over eleven years. She has a Masters Degree in Education (Digital Learning) DCU. As part of IT 2000, she was both Project Officer and National Coordinator of the Schools Integration Project (SIP) with NCTE – now PDST, Technology in Education. She has lectured in Quantitative Reasoning on the Adult Learning BA programme in All Hallows College (DCU). Along with her co-author Jackie Pierce she has written two series of workbooks for the Leaving Certificate Applied progamme on Mathematical Applications.

  • 00:00 Intro.
  • 00:57 Where it all began .
  • 04:30 What did computers in Education look like.
  • 13:30 Teaching ECDL OR Not .
  • 15:34 Technology is a tool, where do you start?
  • 27:40 Do we move forward with what we’ve learned from Covid teaching OR do we just go back to the way we were?
  • 31:10 Who’s driving technology in schools .
  • 35:15 What is / was the impact of CESI.
  • 50:54 What has been biggest missed opportunity in technology in Ireland.
  • 01:07:05 Adrienne wraps the interview , Keep talking… Keep Exchanging.
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