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    Universal Design for Learning for Inclusion and Empowerment ISTE 2020

    Agenda Accessibility and UDL, Luis Pérez UDL Inclusion and Empowerment K12, Rhianon Gutierrez UDL Promotes Inclusion and Empowerment in Post Secondary, Dr Kimberley Coy UDL Promotes Inclusion, Empowerment and Hospitality, Helen DeWaard Thus, it was a comprehensive representation of the UDL framework where educators, leaders and students strive to achieve their respective learning outcomes in […]

  • How Covid 19 Accelerated the Digital Transformation for Education

    I recently had the pleasure to hear a session that took place during the ISTE 2020 conference late last year.  Here are some of the comments I took from it that I think would resonate with an Irish audience. Chair Hardeep Gulati Panel: Ivan Casanova, Ciera Leidheisl, Kimberly Nidy, Dr. Donald Robertson, Tracy Smith, Dr. […]

  • What is ISTE?

    Whether or not you have heard of ISTE, the voice you hear as you read it’s own descriptors will resonate with those of the CESI tribe.   ISTE is home to a community of global educators who believe in the power of technology to transform teaching & learning. We are a passionate community of change-makers who […]