Wireless Networks to support mobile computing including BYOD

Presented by: Tom Lonergan

In the not too distant future virtually all students in our schools will use their own ‘computing devices’ to support their learning. Fit for purpose wireless networks will become even more critical to connect students and teachers devices to an evolving range of cloud based learning resources. The session will provide an overview of wireless networks, and provide advice on procuring a suitable wireless network to meet schools evolving needs. Also different models can be used to introduce student devices and we’ll look at some of these, including students bringing their own devices (BYOD). The session will include the following areas:

  • Considerations and potential pitfalls in introducing a wireless network
  • A planned approach to procuring a fit for purpose wireless network
  • Relevant wireless specifications to meet current and future needs
  • Costs associated with setting up and maintenance of the network
  • Different models of introducing student devices, including the opportunities and challenges associated with BYOD

Presenter Biography:

Tom is Technology Coordinator in PDST Technology in Education, and has been working with schools for the last 11 years, both on the Schools Broadband Programme and advising schools on ICTs to support learning. He has a degree in Electronic Engineering (UL, 1982) and a Masters in e-Learning (DCU, 2012). Prior to joining NCTE in 2002 Tom worked with a number of telecoms and ICT providers in Ireland, UK and Canada.