Wikipedia as a teaching tool

Presented by: Rebecca O'Neill

This presentation/workshop will introduce how editing Wikipedia can actively engage students in the application of skills such as critical assessment of sources, concise writing, and correct citation of sources. Wikipedia in education allows students to place their work within a context larger than the classroom. The presentation will be an introduction to editing Wikipedia, and other Wikimedia projects. The workshop will cover common issues, such as mistakes new editors make, and basic improvements that can be made to existing articles. Following the presentation, the workshop will be a practical one, with real time editing aided by an experienced Wikipedia editor.

Presenter Biography:

Rebecca O’Neill is the Project Coordinator of Wikimedia Community Ireland, the local recognised affiliate of the Wikimedia Foundation. She works with various groups, institutions and organisations across Ireland to improve understanding, use and representation of Ireland and Irish topics on Wikipedia and its sister projects. She holds a doctorate in Digital Media from the University of Hull.