When students don’t engage – online learning can be a powerful support

Presented by: Nicole Mullen

iScoil is a charity, set up to address the need for alternatives to mainstream education for early school leavers aged 13-16. iScoil provides a safe environment where young people can re-engage with education and achieve certification.

This is delivered via an online classroom. Each student receives an individual Learning Plan, customised to give them a fully tailored, student led learning experience. We will demonstrate this, then lead a discussion on how elements of this idea can be used in mainstream education. Can you flip elements of your teaching? Or create additional supports with customised learning plans to support students who need it most?

Please finds Nicole’s slides here: iScoil CESI Conference 2019 Presentation

Presenter Biography:

Nicole Mullen is currently the Head of Learning in iScoil. She holds a MSc in Education and Training Management focusing in eLearning, a BA in Education and Training and other education qualifications. She worked in the corporate training field for years before moving into the not for profit area. She has years experience in managing, developing and delivering educational programmes.