Virtual Reality: Enhancing learning for the classroom of tomorrow

Presented by: Mark Baldwin

I won the Bianca Ní Ghrógain award last year for innovative teaching and learning. Since the award I created my own VR content that I use with history gifted and talented students. My site GLOBOPOD allows teachers and students to access curriculum rich virtual reality tours. This project only came about after the award so I have to thank CESI for acknowledging me.

My proposed session will show how VR can be used in a classroom. I will show the audience a short video of students using technology and I will give a short talk on the benefits of using VR. I will also have a demonstration kit equipped with twenty phones and VR headsets that the audience can use to view my virtual tours. The session will be an unforgettable hands-on experience using a unique Irish teaching tool. From the session I hope that viewers will have a greater understanding of the benefits of VR. They will also be taught how to implement this technology in their own classrooms. Tours will be available to general public during February – main site is undergoing development.

The site that I have created has won the IBYE Meath Best Idea 2018 run by Local Enterprise Office and I am in the Regional Finals in two weeks time.

Presenter Biography:

I’m Mark Baldwin and I have seven years teaching post-primary history and geography in schools in the United Kingdom and Ireland. In the last two years I have played an influential role in developing and integrating new ICT policies in my current school in Dublin 15. I am a passionate and enthusiastic teacher who strives to transform how students learn in my classroom.