Virtual Desktop Infrastructure for Schools

Presented by: Edward Gash

This presentation will describe an alternative way to deploy computing in a school using Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI). It will make reference to our VMware solution installed in Bandon Grammar School. Many schools have over the last few years have virtualised their servers, allowing multiple servers to run on virtual computers on one physical machine. VDI goes a step further in automating the deployment of the users’ virtual desktops. VDI centralises the school’s computing resources, running desktops in the data centre, users can then access these from client devices. This setup potentially offers many advantages to schools. Students and staff may use any client system to access the desktops; thus making it suitable for BYOD and extending the life of older machines. Also desktops can be linked to a single desktop image, allowing ease of management as management is centralised enabling software to be installed and updated to a single image which can be rolled out to 100s of desktops with one mouse click. Access to the desktop can also be extended allowing staff and student to access their desktop securely from home.

Presenter Biography:

Edward Gash is a secondary teacher of Physics, Applied Maths, Science & Maths in Bandon Grammar School, Co. Cork.