Using Swift Playgrounds for Creativity in Coding

Presented by: Matt Hanlon

This session would exhibit the range of content and approaches a teacher could take in their classroom with iPads and Swift Playgrounds. Using a handful of cross-curricular playgrounds, the presenter will show teachers ways in which coding concepts can be introduced through Apple’s free Everyone Can Code material, as well as a collection of playgrounds from other educators around the globe. Drawing on the presenter’s experience in his own classrooms in Ireland and the States, he’ll relate anecdotes of deploying these materials in classes with kids from age 7 to 18.

You can view Matt’s resources from his workshop on his website,

Presenter Biography:

Matthew Hanlon is a computer programmer, dad, coach, teacher, and author who developed a curriculum for teaching kids ages 6-18 the fundamentals of computer programming in Silicon Valley and is bringing it to Ireland.