Using a Digital Portfolio (Seesaw) to Develop Critical Thinking in the Classroom and Support the Link Between Home and School

Presented by: Seán Ormsby

The aim of this session to is show the benefits of using the digital portfolio, Seesaw, in the classroom. Seesaw is a programme, which empowers both children and teachers to document and assess their learning as it happens. Seesaw also provides children with the opportunity to develop writing, reflecting and critical thinking skills, in a safe and modern environment. The objective of the session is to demonstrate the many benefits of using a digital portfolio in a classroom, in a hands on/interactive way. In addition to this, it will be shown how Seesaw can be used to support children with SEN in a mainstream setting.

Presenter Biography:

I am a primary school teacher from Dublin. Currently teaching 4th class in a school in Dublin. Trained in St. Patrick’s College and graduated 2 years ago. Keen interest in teaching mathematics and incorporating the use of technology into teaching and learning.