Use of Thimble to integrate HTML, CSS, Scratch and Microbit

Presented by: Peadar Harvey

Thimble is a free tool developed for web development by Mozilla. It is a cloud-based development environment that I use to integrate project-based learning into the coding classroom. I wish to demonstrate Thimble and how it can be used to develop online portfolio’s using scratch and microbit. This session would be informative to teachers who already have a knowledge of HTML and CSS but who do not develop in the cloud. Teachers who would like to learn more about these HTML and CSS would also benefit by learning how to integrate these languages into their classroom.

Presenter Biography:

I am a Technology Teacher at Le Chéile Secondary School. I teach Coding at Junior Cert Level and will be teaching Computer Science from September. I discovered Coding in my final year of teacher training where I successfully built an APP. I am in my final year of a Higher Diploma in Software Development.