Presented by: Mags Amond

Turtlestitch is derived from Snap!, and interprets the turtle as a needle, transforming its path into embroidery file format for automated stitching. Read more here: https://turtlestitch.org/page/about. The jigsaw programming of Turtlestitch will be familiar to those who have used Scratch.
We propose to
1. demonstrate Turtlestitch in practice for those who are curious and have expressed a desire to see it in action on both the computer screen and the embroidery machine;
2. discuss the potential, practicalities and possibilities of implementing it in the classroom.


Presenter Biography:

Mags, Neil, John, Richard, and Helen are all members of a growing global Community of Practice that has grown around Turtlestitch. Meetups happen once a month to share ideas and progress. When and where it is possible, we host a workshop or showcase where people can experience both the programming and stitching elements of Turtlestitch.