Trouble Shooting…

Presented by: Hassan Dabbagh

This will NOT be an Overly Technical presentation. I would welcome any teacher who uses technology in classroom for either teaching OR as a management tool to attend. My presentation will be divided into two parts; 1) The presentation, would be my experiences in the sector both primary and post primary, I will also be asking the question, Should there be a set level for knowhow in a school before a major I.T. rollout is done? 2) Trouble shooting Q&A; I will be answering any questions with regards to I.T. in the classroom, what can go wrong, what did go wrong, the solutions and sometimes the none fixable issues. I would hope that part to would help with any reoccurring I.T. issues. My objectives with this part would be to encourage teachers to reach out as they have been doing with CESI, saying nothing and hoping that this will all go away in not helping. “Technology in schools in Not a phase, its here to stay”

Presenter Biography:

Born in Dublin and living in Mayo, I’ve been working with teachers and schools helping them get the best from the Technology they have. My first question when I walk into a school/classroom is, what would you like the Technology to do for you? the answer is my starting point. On a personal note, I’m lucky because I love what I do.

Twitter: @hassandabbagh