“Transformers: The Content Creators” The use of an online tutorial to foster creativity and collaboration in Junior Cycle students to develop personalised ibooks in a 1:1 iPad school.

Presented by: Kathryn Scannell

To share how using an online tutorial can encourage creativity and collaboration in developing ibooks using the Book Creator app. The study takes place in Junior Cycle classes in a 1:1 iPad school where students are encouraged to utilise all 4 language skills of listening, speaking, reading and writing, to create personalised ibooks on classroom topics. The online tutorial was created in order to foster a more creative and collaborative learning environment by providing students with the knowledge and skills necessary to achieve their goals. Attendees will learn about lessons learnt during the project and how this project has helped move my class to a more student-centred approach where I have become the facilitator.

Presenter Biography:

Irish and French secondary school teacher who teaches in Le Chéile Secondary School a 1:1 iPad school in Co. Dublin. Holds a Masters in Applied Linguistics from UCC and is currently studying the Masters in Education and Training Management (eLearning) in DCU. Has previously taught in France and the UK.