The skills developed in finding and selecting information using ICT

Presented by: Seán Gallagher

We often marvel at the ability of children today to use technology for games and communication but it cannot be guaranteed that they know how to find and evaluate the suitability of information. They are inextricably linked to the comprehension strategies of skimming, scanning, determining importance and summarising. These are skills worth developing with an array of ICT tools and applications to assist us. For many of the pupils of today, the first port of call for information relating to a teacher assigned project may be ‘Google’ or any other search engine. Without skills to find and select appropriate information, this maybe a futile exercise and a more developmental approach can be taken. In their initial forays into research, pupils can be taught to look for information from a trusted source. It is also a great way to ensure pupils reference the source of their material – they will only have one source initially. Dictionary Skills – added value of online dictionaries Age appropriate content Student search engines –,, sweetsearch, instagrok etc.

Presenter Biography:

Seconded from his position as Principal of Attymass National School, Ballina, Co. Mayo to the Professional Development Service for Teachers (PDST).

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