The Flipped STAFFroom

Presented by: Stephen Gallagher & Michelle Brady

The Flipped STAFFroom “Using Instructional Videos created by staff for staff to enhance technology integration”.


Show why schools should create a Video library for staff

Show how schools can create a Video library by staff

Main message

From experienced to newly qualified teachers we all need support when it comes to technology. On most staffs, there are pockets of teachers who are experts in the use of different digital tools. The use of instructional videos enables schools to harness this expertise and develop an in-house library of videos made by the teachers on the staff for teachers on the staff. The Flipped STAFFroom is a simple approach that provides teachers the time needed to understand the new developments in technology which are relevant to the day to day running of their school e.g. the use of G-Suite for Education or similar. It can also act as an induction resource for new staff members to a school who might be unfamiliar with the technology used in the school. By empowering teachers to recognise their technical expertise and to provide them with a platform to share this knowledge with their colleagues school leaders will promote a culture of collective and collaborative practices amongst teachers. This workshop will demonstrate how to create simple effective Instructional videos and screencasts using your a iPad, laptop and mobile phone that can be stored on the school cloud based repository.

Presenter Biography:

Stephen is a second level and further education teacher from Marino College, Dublin. As an ICT coordinator, he has supported teachers and management in both colleges to enhance their practice when using digital technologies. Over the last decade, he has coordinated a whole school 1-1 mobile device initiative using both laptops and iPads.
Currently seconded to the PDST as a digital technologies advisor.
Michelle is a primary school teacher on secondment from St. Philip the Apostle Senior National School, Dublin 15 where she has worked as a mainstream class teacher and as part of the special educational needs team.  Michelle began working with PDST in 2017 as a digital technologies advisor for teaching, learning and assessment.