– Working to Change the Irish Classroom, One Click at a Time

Presented by: Luke Saunders

In this presentation, Luke will give a brief background on, a website he began building three years ago. Studyclix splits all the main junior and leaving cert subjects into topics and then provides learning and teaching resources relevant to that topic. He will show how you can use studyclix to make your life as a teacher easier as well as to provide a much richer learning experience for your students. studyclix is a free learning community where Irish teachers are sharing some of the best learning resources from all over the World. Come along and see you how you can join more than 5000 teachers already using the site.

Presenter Biography:

By day, Luke Saunders works as a teacher of Geography and Biology at JMSS Enniscrone, co. Sligo and by night develops the website he founded, A zoology graduate, Luke likes to classify things and so decided to break up each subject on the junior and leaving cert curriculum into topics where teachers and students can access the best learning resources relevant to that topic. Luke writes an educational and can be found on twitter @studyclix.