STEM-Experimenting Online

Presented by: Paul Nugent

STEM teaching as we know it is changing due to Covid-19. Central to science are hands-on experiments. In “blended teaching” how can these be done effectively and safely?. Join us as we explore and discuss how students can perform experiments with simple household materials. We will have demonstrations of how to use practical online tools and resources for use in the classroom or at home.
These can be used in the teaching and learning of Primary, JC, and LC Science Subjects.
Participants will receive a free site licence of The Virtual Physics Lab version 16.

Presentation slides are available here

Presenter Biography:

Paul Nugent is a science, maths and IT teacher in Santa Sabina. He works as a Physics Education Coach with The Institute of Physics In Ireland. He is an Executive Board Member of Science On Stage Europe. He has presented at many conferences in Ireland and Europe. In 2020 he was awarded “The Irish Science Teachers Association “Educator of the Year”.