Starting to use Phyphox-the lab in your pocket

Presented by: Paul Nugent

Phyphox is a free app for your mobile device (smartphone or tablet). It can be used for teacher demonstrations or by students for their own investigations. It unlocks the power of its sophisticated and sensitive internal sensors. Measurements can be made. Data taken, it can be graphed and analysed using built in tools. All this makes it very “handy” for use in the classroom or remote learning.
Join us as we explore how Phyphox can be used for STEM investigations.
You may like to search for “Phyphox” and install the App on your mobile device before the workshop.
This workshop is suitable for all STEM Teachers- both primary and secondary teachers.

Slides from this session are available here: CESICon 2022 Phyphox_for_web

Presenter Biography:

Paul Nugent is a science, maths and IT teacher in Santa Sabina. He works as a Physics Education Coach with The Institute of Physics In Ireland and PDST-Physics. He is an Executive Board Member of Science On Stage Europe. He has presented at many conferences in Ireland and Europe. In 2020 he was awarded “The Irish Science Teachers Association “Educator of the Year”.