Shaping tomorrow’s problem solvers today – the use of the Bebras challenge in Attymass National School

Presented by: Attymass National School

Computational Thinking (CT) and related concepts (e.g. coding, programming, algorithmic thinking) have been promoted as skills that are as fundamental for all as numeracy and literacy. A number of initiatives are being undertaken, both at international (e.g. EUCode week, Bebras Challenge etc) and national levels. Despite the high levels of interest in developing CT skills among primary school children, a range of issues and challenges still needs to be addressed for the effective integration of CT. Key questions include: How can we define CT ?; What are the core characteristics of CT and its relationship with programming/coding in compulsory education?; How can teachers be supported to effectively integrate CT in their teaching practice?; Should CT be addressed within a specific subject (e.g. Computer Science, as part of STEAM, or as a cross-curricular topic? Some pupils of Attymass NS will share this experience.

Presenter Biography:

Principal of Attymass National School (teacher of 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th classes); former Deputy Director of PDST with responsibility for PDST Technology in Education.