Setting up a programming club in your school with suggested resources

Presented by: Mark Carroll

This session is designed to assist in how to set up a programming/coding club in your school. Attendees will experience a range of websites, apps and resources suitable for a range of age groups and also which could be utilised in their own club. Attendees will be able to: – Come away with a range of apps and software that could be utilised in their club or classroom setting – Make effective use of the resources both in the club and in their school

Presenter Biography:

Mark is currently a SET in a small school in the midlands. He’s always had a keen interest in integrating IT into the classroom. He has set up two coding clubs and assisted with a third. He also possess a H.Dip in Computing from DIT and has worked as a software engineer with an IT company. Jennifer is a mainstream teacher in the midlands who has a deep interest in using iPads in the classroom and has studied the use of iPad technology to support children in special education settings.