Scratch with ReadySteadyCode

Presented by: Seamus O'Neill

The developers of SCRATCH in the MIT Media Lab, Boston have included Seamus O’Neill’s Ready-Steady-Code backdrop grids in Scratch 3. The RSC grids are the magic mix that facilitate coding as a teaching methodology from senior primary to lower secondary. Topics from Area to Pythagoras, Geometry, Trigonometry, Quadratics etc. are now possible to use Scratch at school in ways that were not previously possible. I propose a workshop to help primary teachers and secondary Maths teachers get into Scratch with Ready-Steady-Code to meet the requirements of the new Primary and JC curricula. Updated: Pencil and paper have always been part of creative and investigative school work, not just in Maths. The developers of Scratch in the Media Lab at MIT Boston have added the Irish Ready-Steady-Code vector grids component into the Scratch backdrop library. Seamus O’Neill has now successfully mapped Scratch with about 80% of the Mathemagic texts and has made the smart connection between pencil, copybook and coding, not just at primary but at lower secondary level Maths also. Come along to this workshop and try it out for yourself..

Presenter Biography:

An imaginative former primary teacher, Seamus O’Neill has given CPD in Art, Maths and Scratch. An international Recycling Craft award winner, he co-authored the ‘Mathemagic’ – popular primary maths textbooks. Seamus organised a Children’s Learning Festival in Co Meath and National SCRATCH Conferences in June 2017, 2018 – the first in Ireland.