Scratch in CoderDojo

Presented by: Seamus O'Neill

Scratch 2.0 is not a computer game. It is a real software development environment and experience with Scratch provides learners of all ages with a glimpse of what it is like to programme a computer professionally. Scratch is easy to learn and it  supports the use of graphics, animation and sound without requiring learners to understand the technical details. This workshop will touch on the basic areas of coding, designing and the file extension types used in Scratch. Parents and mentors run CoderDojos. This presenter has run workshops for parents who were interested in mentoring or providing mentor support. Organisers of after-school computer clubs will find this workshop relevant and interesting.

Presenter Biography:

Seamus has been using computers as an educator since 1984. He is very keen on integrating IT with Maths, particularly at primary level. He has forty years experience as teacher, IT trainer, author, designer and programmer. More recently, he has devoted much of his time as a volunteer mentor with CoderDojo Navan which he founded in 2012.

Twitter: @ScratchLearning