Scratch 3 and the Microbit

Presented by: Barbara Hegarty

This workshop for teachers will demonstrate the new features of Scratch 3 and the Microbit and the many learning opportunities from the use of both in a classroom setting.

The Scratch Link feature allows you to code the Microbit in Scratch. This new feature allows for an introduction to physical computing via the familiar Scratch format of using code blocks to interact with and program the Microbit.

With features such as an LED display, buttons and motion sensors that can be programmed via Scratch 3, attendees can see first hand the combination of the digital and physical world of computing.


Attendees should bring their own laptop and will need to have downloaded and installed Scratch 3 Offline Editor- available here:
In order to use the Microbit from within Scratch attendees will also need to have Scratch Link installed and this is only compatible with Windows 10:

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