Reflections on redesigning a game-based learning module for pre-service teachers during the Pandemic Experience

Presented by: Denis Moynihan

Following the move to emergency remote teaching and learning, this session will present the experience of teacher educators in an Irish HEI following the redesign of a digital learning module for pre-service teachers. This redesign required two major changes; the move from f2f to an online learning environment, and the move from ten one-hour classes to five two-hour classes. Discussions on the benefits and limitations of this redesign are presented, supported by the findings of a longitudinal study of the confidence and competence of pre-service teachers in using GBL. Recommendations for the design of future modules are then presented.

Presenter Biography:

Prof. Deirdre Butler, Denis Moynihan, Dr. Hsiao-Ping Hsu and Dr. Tugba Boz are teacher educators working within the School of STEM Education, Innovation, and Global Studies at the Institute of Education, DCU. Their research interests include GBL, VR, Computational Thinking, emerging technologies in education, teacher education and the development of digital skills. Kevin Maguire is the principal of the Glenasmole National School.