Reading Buddy – Delivery literacy supports online to primary school students

Presented by: Orna Mulhern

2021 saw the merger of Camara Ireland and Suas Ireland, and the launch of the new merged organisation Kinia. Kinia is a not-for-profit organisation working to enhance learning opportunities and build future-focused skills for young people in Ireland. Using the expertise of the two merged organisations, an online iteration of literacy support was provided to 135 primary school students nationwide, with each child supported in one-on-one setting with a matched volunteer ‘reading buddy’. Assessed by Learnovate in TCD, this online iteration of the programme proved to be successful and impactful for the students taking part. The session proposed will describe the programme, its history, its pivot to a remote iteration, as well as the successes and lessons learned along the way.

Presenter Biography:

Kinia is an education focused non-profit, charity and social enterprise, and we want to make sure future focused skills and learning opportunities are available for all children and young people.

We want to build the foundations that support diversity and inclusion to become key pillars in a society where every child has the vision to set their dreams and the pathway to achieve them.