Raspberry Pi Pico as an alternative to the BBC Micro:bit for LC CS ALT 4

Presented by: John Hegarty

A hands on workshop where teachers get a chance to work on a variety of small tasks/projects aligned with ALT 4 LC CS. The micro:bit has more built in sensors but the pico can do wifi which opens up the world of iot projects. The pico is cheaper than the microbit and might suit coursework projects that can involve both embedded systems and data driven websites.

Teachers will go away with a good understanding of the potential of the pico and the basic of how to get started with a class group.

Presenter Biography:

John has been a teacher for 30+ years. He is our CESI representative on the NCCA LC CS development group and a phase 1 LC CS teacher. John is also o then CESI exec and manages the CESI mailing list. He is a member of the Irish Linux Users Group and promotes the use of Open Source software.