Poster: OurKidsCode

Presented by: Nina Bresnihan and Richard Millwood

OurKidsCode, is a joint project between Trinity College Dublin (TCD) and the National Parents’ Council (NPC) that aims to promote and support parents/guardians who wish to engage their primary-school children’s interest and activity in coding and Computational Thinking. OurKidsCode aims to increase parents’ competence and confidence with digital skills and tools as they endeavour to support their children’s learning from an early age. The session will involve participants in one of its activities.

Presenter Biography:

Dr Richard Millwood is a researcher in the School of Computer Science & Statistics, Trinity College Dublin. Current research interests include learning programming and computational thinking. Until September 2017, he was Assistant Professor for four years directing the MSc in Technology & Learning and supervising six PhD students. He is now also employed by Eedi/Diagnostic Questions working on formative assessment for learning in computing.