Plan beyond the Horizon – a MaKey MaKey workshop

Presented by: Bianca Ni Ghrogain & Drew Buddie

Workshop – There is a technological and creative revolution underway, as educators we need to plan beyond the horizon. This workshop is designed to help you gain inspiration and hands-on practical guidance around the use and integration of technology across the entire school system (Primary, Secondary & 3rd Level). The workshop will focus on (but is not limited to) a piece of kit called MaKey MaKey. A MaKey MaKey can make a connection through any object that’s even a little bit conductive to turn that object into an interactie key, allowing you to create inventions that combine conductive and non-conductive parts. ‘Imagination is more important than knowledge’ – Albert Einstein

Presenter Biography:

Bianca is currently on career break from her Primary School classroom, researching Ed Tech at DCU under the supervision of Dr. Miriam Judge. Bianca is extremely passionate about the integration of technology (e.g. Social Media, Gamification, Mobile Learning) and the uses of modern methodologies (e.g. Flipped Learning, Genius Hour, Children as Co-Creators of Learning) into all areas of her teaching. The use of these progressive technologies turns her students’ classroom experience into an extremely immersive one, with noticable advances when it came to questioning, observing, predicting, investigating, experimenting and analysis.
Drew is an enthusiastic Head of Computing at a private girls’ school in Hertfordshire UK, and will be Chair of NAACE (National Association of Advisors for Computers in Education) from March 2015. Drew specialises in raising teachers’ awareness of software tools that can be used in order to enhance teaching and learning. The recent recipient of a Winston Churchill Memorial Trust Travelling Fellowship, he is currently researching the ways in which other countries introduce computing to young children.