Perspectives on what creates an effective online learning experience. Real world views from teachers and students.

Presented by: Marianne Checkley

Supporting a dynamic relationship between pedagogy and technology should allow for creative learning design and engaging learning environments. This presentation looks at the design for learning and teaching experience on iScoil, an online learning community for young early school leavers. Both iScoil teachers and students have previous experience in mainstream classrooms and are now working together online. Perspectives on positives and challenges from interviews and focus groups with teachers are presented and considered in relation to the view from students on what works for them. A students learning path to achieving specific module outcomes in Maths and Communications is represented visually using two learning design authoring tools. Generally developed to facilitate the sharing, adaptation and reuse of teachers pedagogical ideas, this provides a good example of the potential use of authoring tools for reflection on good teaching practice. Emphasis is placed on how a virtual learning environment can support prompt, individualised feedback loops, support teacher information sharing, and ensure digital media is used in focused, relevant curriculum design.

Presenter Biography:

Marianne Checkley is currently completing a MRes with the Institute of Art Design and Technology. Her main research interests are on using ICT to provide creative, engaging and inclusive learning environments. She is also Project Manager of iScoil, an online learning community providing accreditation and progression opportunities for young early school leavers.