OurKidsCode – Family learning to change parent’s attitudes to computing

Presented by: Richard Millwood

Ireland, along with most nations, must develop a greater capacity to effectively use information technology in the workforce.

At the same time, coding has become a central target for young people to learn at all levels, in part to respond to this demand and also to offer fulfilling experiences to young people.

Often neglected are the parents, whose attitudes to coding are frequently expressed that it is a boring and dry pursuit. This matters, because it is accepted that parental advice is a major factor in young people’s school subject choice, third level course choice and career.

OurKidsCode has been funded over six years by Science Foundation Ireland and the Departments of Rural Community Development and Education to tackle this problem.

Presenter Biography:

Dr Richard Millwood FRSA, FBCS, is a Research Fellow in the School of Computer Science & Statistics, Trinity College Dublin working on the OurKidsCode project.

His PhD by Practice is titled “The Design of Learner-centred, Technology-enhanced Education“. Until September 2017, he was course Director for the MSc in Technology & Learning and was supervising six PhD students.