Opportunities for a Digital Learning Community in the Primary School

Presented by: Kathleen Byrne

As a teacher born in the 20th century facilitating learning in children of the 21st century, I believe technology must be embraced cross curricular from a very early age. The didactic, one size fits all education model of the previous century is no longer appropriate for our education system. Instead we are encouraged to create a child-centred, discovery based, learning environment in our primary schools. Using a model of collaborative learning in my own school, this presentation will offer examples of how teachers, parents and especially pupils can both lead & collaboratively learn through technology. I will illustrate examples of where pupils as digital natives, have become mentors, facilitators and co-contributors to both peers and teachers, the nervous digital migrants, in designing innovative lessons & teaching all in the community new skills.

Presenter Biography:

As a teaching principal of a rural Dublin primary school of 173 pupils, I am deeply committed to education. I believe it is the key to personal growth and it dictates the priorities and beliefs of a nation. As a digital migrant, I like many teachers have struggled with the acquisition of new skills in technology. But I believe it offers teachers opportunities to work smarter, not harder! We just have to be brave!
Kathleen Byrne, MED.