Open Education Resources, Portals and Communities, Supporting Innovation in Education

Presented by: Neil O’Sullivan

As the technology in Education landscape is changing tools and resources are becoming more assessable and innovative. This is evidenced in Europe be such portals as Open Discovery Space. This is a portal to a vast array of educational content and lesson  building tools  that can offer teachers opportunities to share co-develop and collaborate like never before. This workshop will focus on how teachers can create profiles and access resources and use tools to help enhance their teaching approaches.  It will also look at Training academies for teachers within the portal will be accessed covering key competences for teachers to deliver learning to equip learners with competency and skills aligned with the European Key Competency Framework. This framework under the TRANSIt project is aimed at supporting the acquisition of 21st century skills by our students.  Teacher will create profile and possibly join and create linkages with other communities of teachers in Ireland and Europe. In the workshop teachers will be given the opportunity to work within the Open Discovery Space Portal to create a profile and access OERs and lesson plans. They will also explore the Teacher Training Academies which are freely available.

Presenter Biography:

Neil O’Sullivan BA, MSc Learning Technologies, is an Education Technologist who has worked in education for his entire career. Initially he worked in the development of online learning and elearning courseware and later as a teacher in the primary and second level. Neil is currently doing eLearning research of the Open Discovery Space Project, providing in-service training to both Primary and Secondary Schools throughout Ireland on the integration of ICT in teaching and learning for mainstream and special needs teaching. He teaches Web2.0 tools and 21st century skills at second level. He is Irish National Coordinator for the Open Discovery Space Project aimed at promoting and delivering eLearning in primary and secondary school in Ireland and across Europe. He is also validator for and facilitates work on the Digital Schools of Distinction Program.

Twitter: @NeilOSIT‎