Online Resources for Critical Education and Citizen Science in the Mathematics Class

Presented by: Laurence Cuffe

Counting ibii in the Serengeti, reading ships logs from the US Navy, examining the impact of smoking on health in Arab countries, discovering that bathrooms are a better measure of property value than bedrooms. These are all mathematical tasks which the internet allows us to transport into the classroom. In this talk I will outline how with the advent of the web we can move education away from examining model systems in the classroom in preparation for real life, to bringing real life tasks into the classroom and allowing our students to engage. I propose to describe using Netlogo to address issues of prejudice, Gap minder for critical education and the Zooniverse to show how the citizen science movement can be used to bring real science into the classroom.

Presenter Biography:

Laurence Cuffe has taught both mathematics and physics at university level in the USA. He holds a doctorate in computational Chemistry from UCD and completed an M.Sc. in applied eLearning with DIT in 2012. He teaches mathematics to second chance and adult learners and curate a number of educational websites.