Navigating Other Worlds (NOW): exploring game based learning in Teacher Education

Presented by: Angela Rickard

This presentation describes a pilot project (NOW: Navigating Other Worlds) in which student teachers on the BScEd programme in NUI Maynooth were introduced to a virtual world platform for game-based learning (MissionV). Working in collaboration with the MissionV platform for immersive learning experiences the project/module aimed to promote creative approaches by student teachers in the presentation of and thinking about curricular-based topics at second level; to develop opportunities for problem-solving, interaction, collaboration and reflection for them and their lecturers and to develop greater cultural awareness and appreciation of the global context of Science and Maths Education. In addition to the educational technology covered on the module the project also sought to link with colleagues and students in Tanzania (under the auspices of NUI Maynooth’s link to the Young Scientist Tanzania project). Awarded a teaching fellowship grant, the NOW project sought to redefine learning spaces and foster creative approaches to learning in the university. The presentation will reflect on student and lecturer experiences on the project and will focus on the learning outcomes of the pilot project and their implications for the structure, content and supports required for the effective use of educational technology in Teacher Education.

Presenter Biography:

Angela Rickard lectures in Educational technology in NUI Maynooth. She is Joint Director of the Dissolving Boundaries, a programme that links schools in the Republic with schools in Northern Ireland. Angela has developed a number of initiatives in the Education Department involving the use of digital video to promote student autonomy, reflection, collaboration and creativity.