Moving towards a Paperless School.

Presented by: Philip O'Callaghan

The idea of creating a paperless school is more of a reality than ever today. The cost savings and operational efficiencies, coupled with the environmental impact and the enhanced reputation of the school, the argument to go paperless is compelling for any principal or management board. There are many ways to go paperless: the in-school administrative work that can be done on the computer, ebooks can be utilised, teachers can assign homework, track attendance and behaviour and deliver their lessons online using word processors or presentation applications (Medley, 2012). Every step taken towards a paperless solution will reduce cost and most importantly improve both teacher and learner motivation and enhance the learning outcomes of all the students (Graeves et al., 2013). Philip O’Callaghan will discuss practical steps teachers and principals can take to make move this from just being a concept to a reality.

Presenter Biography:

Philip has spent his professional career in the education sector both as a teacher and in education services. Philip taught for 10 years in Naas CBS and St. David’s CBS, Artane. Since leaving the classroom he has been the managing director of Examcraft, which has operated under a number of brands in the education sector. He is the co-founder and director of Learning Data which provides management information solutions to schools both in Ireland and Internationally. He holds an MSc in computer applications for education from Dublin City University and an MBA from Warwick University.

Twitter: @Learning_Data