Minecraft – A First Taste

Presented by: Sabine & Ciarán McKenna

Participants will be given the opportunity to try out Minecraft for themselves, with some guidance, in order to understand what the buzz is about, and maybe to be better able to decide whether they’d like to pursue it in future, be it inside or outside of the classroom.

Presenter Biography:

Sabine McKenna – primary teacher with special interest in IT, blogger (sabinemckenna.wordpress.com) and CoderDojo mentor. See also www.primaryminecraft.com

Ciarán McKenna – Minecrafter, 6th-class student, CoderDojo participant.

Sabine and Ciarán jointly ran the 2012 Skerries Soundwaves Minecraft Project, an online Arts project which saw children create Skerries of the future. See http://soundwavesminecraft.wordpress.com/