Making the abstract concrete: Contextualizing Humanities and Technology Skills in Heritage Sites

Presented by: Danielle O'Donovan & Sharon Kearney

Story – We are working to create learning opportunities and activities which the combine the development of critical English, history, and technology skills through learning about Irish culture and heritage. We recently developed and implemented a project which utilized the ornate spaces of Fota House in Co. Cork to teach students about a Leaving Cert standard – the five styles of language. Students practiced identifying and creating materials – from using persuasive language in Facebook event pages to entice teens to visit Fota to using narrative language by creating digital stories on ipads about the occupants of the house! We hope to share the experiences with educators at CESI and invite them and their students to take part in one of our projects, or better still, to work with us to co-design some more!

Presenter Biography:

Danielle and Sharon are members of the Centre for Research in IT in Education at Trinity College Dublin. Danielle is an architectural historian specialising in late Gothic architecture and society in Ireland, working as researcher in 21st century learning and heritage with Bridge21 and The Irish Heritage Trust. Danielle co-created the Strokestown and Fota Learning Zones, contributes to and was the digital project co-ordinator on Dublin Tenement Experience. Sharon is an experienced education professional, passionate about making the secondary school experience a positive one for all students. With a background in English teaching, she’s pursuing a PhD, researching effective methods and creative strategies for using information technologies to engage students in learning the humanities.