Linking Language Learners based on their Shared Interests to Chat through their Target Languages

Presented by: Aidan Duggan

SpeakTalkChat is an online language platform for students to practice their languages. It is based on the philosophy that one of the core ways for moving our language abilities forward is to chat with others about our shared interests through our target languages. was launched in November 2013 with specially designed child protection functionality. There are currently 33 languages to choose from at three levels of proficiency; beginner, intermediate and fluent. There are 100 interests available and a user can choose as many interests and languages as he/she wishes. Functionality includes immediate/scheduled videochat, user search, groups/forums/threads and an internal messaging system. is available on PC and mobile.

Presenter Biography:

Aidan Duggan has a background in psychology and psychotherapy. He has taught in adult education and at third level. He has a special interest in language learning and online user behaviour.

Twitter: @SpeakTalkChat