Licensing Microsoft and Adobe for use in your school. An overview of the potential benefits and cost savings

Presented by: Seán Deasy

Seán will outline the general licensing structures which exist for licensing Microsoft and Adobe software in the school environment. From comparative pricing to overlooked licensing benefits, schools can hope to come away from this session having learned where there are savings to be made. As well as outlining the different options available, he will address frequently asked questions such as ‘Can my teachers install on their home machines at no extra cost’ and ‘Is this a once-off cost’. With over 5 years’ experience in the educational licensing space, Seán has seen many changes to what’s on offer and feels that the current licensing structures offer the best value yet.

Presenter Biography:

Seán Deasy has worked in the educational licensing space for over 5 years (Micromail). A certified Microsoft and Adobe licensing specialist he has endeavoured to work through the ever changing licensing landscape to present the best solutions to schools.