The Digital Learning Framework and Leaving Cert CS with Bridge21: Theory and Practice

Presented by: Professor Brendan Tangney, Dr. Jake Rowan Byrne, Helen O'Kelly

This session will begin by looking at how the Bridge21 pedagogical model can be used to enact the Digital Learning Framework, a key component of the Digital Strategy for Schools, before going on to explore the new Leaving Certificate Computer Science (LCCS) course and how Bridge21 influenced it’s design and how the model can be used to support learning in the LCCS classroom. The session will be co-presented by Professor Brendan Tangney (chair of the Digital Strategy Implementation Advisory Group),  Dr. Jake Rowan Byrne (who was commissioned by the NCCA to help in the development of the LCCS curriculum specification and is an experienced Bridge21 researcher/practitioner) and Helen O’Kelly (who is a teacher in a phase one school currently delivering the LCCS course and conducted research on how to use the Bridge21 model to design lessons for LCCS).

Presenter Biography:

Brendan Tangney is a fellow of Trinity College Dublin and a Professor in the School of Computer Science & Statistics. He is co-director of Trinity’s Centre for Research in IT In Education and Academic Director of the Bridge21 project. He is Chair of the Ministerial Advisory Group for the Implementation of the Digital Strategy for Schools.

Dr Jake Rowan Byrne is Assistant Professor in Contemporary Teaching & Learning and Computing and course coordinator for the Postgraduate Certificate in 21st Century Teaching and Learning in the School of Education, Trinity College Dublin. He worked with the NCCA on the development of the new Leaving Certificate Computer Science specification, for his knowledge on both computer science and key skills development.

Helen O’Kelly is a teacher in one of the Phase 1 LC CS teachers currently teaching 5th Year CS students. I also teach Computer Studies to 1st – 6th year students, including coding. I have been my school’s librarian for almost 10 years and I am also their IT co-ordinator. I have a BA Communication Studies, MSc in IT, Grad Dip Library & Information Studies and a MEd in Science Education.