Learning to Learn at the Learning Hub

Presented by: Catherine Kelly

This year I took on an Assistant Principal Post in Colaiste Bride, Clondalkin. One element of my post was to develop systems to maximize student motivation, achievement and potential. I began by launching an advertising campaign to encourage students to become Learning Leaders. It was not about what can your school do for you but what can you do for your school. The response was fantastic, students applied and one student stated that she didn’t simply want to be in Colaiste Bride she “wanted to be actively involved” in helping other students to learn. The Learning Hub was set up. It is a club for students, run by the Learning Leaders for their fellow students. It takes place at lunch time and it is an exciting opportunity for students to come and learn to learn. We have student teach meets, peer mentoring and learning. We have Power point presentations made by students for their peers. All students who attend are rewarded with a special Learning Hub Stamp. To advertise and promote the Learning Hub we made a video which was launched on Presentation day. It was made by students for students. To maximize student achievement and potential we have also launched Pop Up Learning Stations. These happen once a month and can pop up any where in the school. We took the idea of Pop Up shops and hoped the Learning Stations would arouse students curiosity, draw them in and help them become excited about learning. One session we focused on was Mind Maps to help improve Study Skills. We were also conscious of students Well Being and the importance of this for students to be able to learn. So once a month we also have a Pop Up Well Being Station. Our focus here is for students not to stress but to aim for success.

These student lead initiatives have been very successful and have had a meaningful impact on our school community and I would be absolutely delighted to share them with you at the conference in March.

Presenter Biography:

I am a English and Religion teacher. This is my twentieth year in Colaiste Bride, Clondalkin so I have a wealth of experience and expertise. I did a post graduate diploma in School Development Planning.

This year I took on a new middle management position in my school. It gave me the opportunity to make an impact at a whole school level. The initiatives I have launched are creative, new and student focused and led. I am very passionate about helping students learn to learn. I have loved working with the Learning Leaders and seeing them become great role models and mentors as they guide and support their peers. Along with the Learning Leaders I always aim to inspire our students to believe in themselves and to fulfill and reach their true potential