Learning from the Exploring the Sustainable Development Goals through Coding project

Presented by: Pam O' Brien

In this session we will look at the SFI and Department of Education funded ‘Exploring the Sustainable Development Goals through Coding’ project. The aim of the project was to provide primary school teachers and students with an opportunity to engage with concepts in sustainable development through computer science (CS).

The Sustainable Development Goals provide a framework for a sustainable future for all. Exploring the goals in a fun and engaging way through the creation of games, animations and embedded system applications allowed students and teachers to investigate sustainable development practices. The theme of sustainable development combined with the development of computer games and microbit applications ensures the holistic integration of CS in the primary curriculum.

Findings from the project as well as the classroom resources developed during the project will be explored during the session.

Presenter Biography:

Pam O’ Brien is a lecturer in the Technological University of the Shannon.

She is a researcher on a number of national and European projects and is a PhD candidate in the School of Education in University College Dublin.