Learn about STEAM through creative technology

Presented by: Kate Delaney, Siobhan Clancy & Ger O'Keeffe

We aim to make our hands-on sessions relevant to the module/subject/ciricula whilst being creative, inspiring and engaging. Our goal is to work with educators to enhance their practice, giving them the confidence to be innovative in trying new approaches and to encourage more individuality within their classes/sessions. Our work can be integrated into all education sectors. This particular session will focus on 3 elements of the STEAM subjects taught at primary and second level (science, technology and art). Using MaKey MaKey, we will introduce the principles around electricity, circuitry, conductive materials, using technology creatively to design and make interactive game controllers.

Presenter Biography:

Working within the education sector over the past 15 years, Kate has become increasingly interested in using technology in a way that allows learners to design and to create and to be themselves, whilst gaining a deeper understanding about how technology works and how they learn within this process. Kate has delivered courses and workshops in collaboration with many organisations, including: The Digital Hub, National Museum of Ireland, Ombudsman for Children’s Office, Larkin Community College, National University of Ireland, Maynooth, The Department of Justice and Equality, Marino Institute of Further Education, as well as many secondary schools, both in Dublin and across the country. Kate is currently pursuing a Postgraduate Diploma for Entrepreneurial Educators at University College, Dublin.