Keynote: World of Difference

Presented by: John Davitt

An exploration of where we are, and as we approach the Horizon, a look at some new tools and open education resources for for active learning.

Presenter Biography:

John is a teacher, inventor, broadcaster and digital toolmaker who has worked in the international education sector for the last twenty-five years. John relishes cutting through mystique to assess the practical potential of new resources. John has worked alongside teachers in schools in UK, Africa, USA and China and he is committed to levelling the playing field regarding access to new learning opportunities. John’s book “New Tools for Learning” is a practical guide as to how to make the technology fit the learning need. In 2008 he also invented and developed “The Learning Score” a visual tool that maps out and shares learning intentions as a graphical event – rather like a music score. His latest project is the Learning Event Generator and “the LEG” – an interactive learning tool for mobile devices where you literally shake up a learning challenge!