Instructional Coaches and Learning Technology Integrators

Presented by: John Heffernan and Darren Ralston

Collaborative partners ​delivering high-quality support for teachers- two views from Albemarle County Public Schools

The role that Instructional Coaches and Learning Technology Integrators (LTIs) play in the Albemarle County School system in Virginia, is one that goes hand in hand with the school district’s philosophy of trusting their faculties’ professionalism. By giving a faculty the ability to partner with professional learning specialists for project design, troubleshooting, and classroom-based training, the teachers are able to guide their own professional development within a 1 to 1 laptop environment. Two former colleagues; one an Instructional Coach and the other Learning Technology Integrator share their experience of supporting teachers.

Presenter Biography:

Darren Ralston is a former Instructional coach with ACPS. He also hosts a podcast that focuses on reflective practice in education at He is currently a teacher with the John F. Kennedy School, Berlin, Germany.

John Heffernan is a former CESI Executive member and worked for three years as a Learning Technology Integrator for Albemarle County Public Schools. He currently works for Tipperary ETB as FET TEL facilitator.