Innovative Online Vocational Training of Renewable Energy Technologies

Presented by: Aurora Dimache

INNOVRET (Innovative Online Vocational Training of Renewable Energy Technologies) is a European project funded by the Leonardo da Vinci programme. It addresses the training and upskilling needs of geographically dispersed learners throughout Europe. INNOVRET combines innovative online learning approaches, proven and tested pedagogical models, industry validated content and a state of the art fully integrated, interactive energy laboratory, thereby training highly qualified heat pump system maintainers and installers. An adaptive course, which addresses self-regulated learners, is created based on the Competence based Knowledge Space Theory (CbKST). The CbKST is a mathematical-psychological framework for representing a knowledge domain, modelling the competences of a learner and structuring content via an ontology. The accessibility and flexibility of the online energy laboratory will ensure a broad penetration into the targeted European marketplace with the potential for certifying sufficient heat pump maintenance personnel and installers to meet predicted demands.

Presenter Biography:

Dr. Aurora Dimache is a research engineer at Galway-Mayo Institute of Technology (GMIT). She has been involved in various projects in the area of e-learning for the last six years. Aurora has also been lecturing in GMIT and has been an online tutor for the Atlantic University Alliance.